Technology comes to the rescue of the owners of such whimsical pets

Any cat owner would surely know how picky a pet it is. Cats decide to do their own things at their own time and can be too whimsical at times. They decide when to get affectionate with any member of the family at their convenience and as per their liking, and they demand to be left alone as per their convenience. Perhaps, the only time they are disciplined with is the feed time. You can almost set time on the clock when they come pestering you for feed. You’ll be amazed by their punctuality for this activity.

“Consider yourself lucky if the pet is not forcing you out of your bed at five in the morning because it’s time for her food. But now technology comes to the rescue of the owners of such whimsical pets.”

Yes, now we have automatic cat feeders.

Automatic electronic cat food dispensers with digital timers come in many sizes of varying shapes. Some of the bigger dispensers can contain up to five pounds of food without water. The others have a simple bowl like arrangement with a lid that moves up or swivels at the appointed time to provide food to the pet. Automatic pet feeders are designed to include a digital clock that you can program for feeding the pet once or twice during the day or any number of times around the lock. They come with a mechanism that pushes the lid aside and simultaneously shifts the foodstuff from the hopper to the bowl

The main difference between a food hopper dispenser and timed food dispenser is the quantity of food that you can store for the number of feedings. If you remain too busy and are away from home for long intervals and find it impractical to feed the pet everyday, you’ll find a bin dispenser of great help. You can just stock it up with food that contains no fluid and keep the cat happy all the time. Mind you, such dispensers can’t be stored with moist food. On the other hand, if you like to offer fresh food as a daily routine to your pet, you may fill the bowl everyday, using a timed cat feeder that allows you to offer even moist foodstuff.

The other difference in the design of feeders is the source of power they need for their operation. Some are designed to work on normal power supply and just need to be plugged to a power point. The other designs work on batteries, which need to be changed, usually once or at the most twice during the year. So, while considering the purchase, keep in mind the availability of a power socket in the area where you intend keeping the bowl, else opt for the battery operated design that also makes its shifting easy in case of any eventuality.

When deciding on the type of feeder you should have for the cat, you shouldn’t overlook the health of the pet. Some cats tend to develop diabetes or other stomach related issues if you daily feed them with just one large meal. You should know that with growing years the metabolism of the cats slows down and offering them food a couple of times during the day helps to keep a check on their weight, preventing them from getting overweight. On the whole, it’s healthier for the pet to eat small-sized meals a number of times during the day.

So, with a cat feeder at home, next time when it’s five in the morning you can afford to roll over in bed once again as the cat can find its way to food without bothering you. It’s good to have a well-fed healthy cat at home. Having a pet that doesn’t disturb you at odd hours of the day or night would perhaps be healthier for you too!